Recently, economist, professor, author, and syndicated columnist Thomas Sowell retired. He wrote his last column. Whether he was a Black conservative or a libertarian will continue to be debated, but Sowell never labeled his thoughts.

For those unfamiliar with Sowell’s canon of controversial writings I want to introduce you to one theory he expounded in a book called: Black Rednecks and White Liberals, but first some preliminaries.

During a debate about problems plaguing Black sections of American cities a moderator asked the panelists how anyone could argue that racism was not the driving factor.

Immediately a White panelist, a conservative, responded, “Because it has nothing to do with race and everything to do with culture.” Of course, the liberal Black panelist threw a fit. They said the comment reeked of racism. They assured the audience that the problem had nothing to do with Black culture and everything to do with the legacy of slavery.

Now, if you didn’t jump to any conclusion, you would have noticed that the White conservative didn’t say Black culture, he just said culture, and it was his counterparts that associated the negativity with “Black.”

In another debate about the same problems a Black conservative said racism was still a problem, but using racism as an all purpose explanation for Black pathologies was inadequate.

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