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(NNPA)—When Donald Trump was running for President, he specifically targeted the “White working class,” telling them that he’d prevent their jobs from leaving the country, that he’d bring back manufacturing jobs, and that he’d revive the oil and steel industries.  He hasn’t taken office yet, but he has already celebrated the fact that Carrier, a furnace manufacturer in Indianapolis, Indiana, has agreed to keep jobs in the United States, even though they had earlier announced that they would have moved jobs to Mexico.

The Carrier deal that Trump has been crowing about is so deceptive, that some business writers describe it as a scam and a union leader accused Trump of lying his hind parts off. Trump says he saved over a thousand jobs, but the real number may be closer to 730. Carrier will still relocate more than 500 jobs to Mexico, and they had already planned to keep about 300 jobs in the United States.  So Trump may have “saved” 400 jobs, not 800 or a thousand, and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence had to give up $7 million in tax benefits to keep the jobs here. Trump and Pence have also signaled that they are willing to play “let’s make a deal” on a case by case basis to keep jobs in the United States, instead of using public policy to encourage the development of U.S. jobs and to limit the mobility of capital.  And, Carrier is still closing another Indiana plant, but there has been no intervention for that closure.

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