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Image result for slager imagesY’all remember that joke about the dead Black man and the Southern sheriff?

The sheriff drives up to a crime scene. He sees a Black man lying face down, handcuffed, with a rope around his neck, and bullet holes in his back.

The old sheriff shakes his head, spits out some chewing tobacco, and then he says: “This is the worst case of suicide I done ever seen.”    

I was thinking about that joke when I heard about the deadlocked jury in the Walter Scott case today.

The jury is in their third day of deliberations, and they cannot come to a unanimous decision about  whether the police officer (who we watched shoot an unarmed Walter Scott in the back numerous times while he was running away) is guilty or not.

“I cannot in good conscience consider a guilty verdict,” the holdout juror told Judge Clifton Newman in a note, adding, “At the same time, my heart does not want to tell the Scott family that the man who killed their son, brother and father is innocent.” 

Stunning! Just can’t in “good conscience” find Scott’s killer guilty. What does that even mean?

Keep in mind, that if the jury finds that Slager did not act with malice, they case can also find him guilty of manslaughter. And  yet, still, at least one juror in this case is saying that they can’t find him guilty of anything.

Sadly, I guess this is how they get down in South Carolina, Kill a black man, no biggie.

And people wonder why we have to keep reminding them that black lives matter as well.

*Don’t worry Field Negro, if the state doesn’t get him for this crime, the feds will.*

No they won’t.

In fact, I  am pretty sure that AG Jeff Sessions and president trump will not aggressively pursue charges against officer Slager.

“Worst case of suicide I done ever seen.” 

*Pic courtesy of abcnews.go.com 

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