I saw a political ad. In big bold letters it said: Understanding Trump Supporters

That’s a bold statement. Are the advertisers suggesting they understand every reason behind Trump’s “support?” I doubt it. The reasons are as numerous as Democratic voters that defected.

One writer, a White liberal, reasoned the election was a repudiation of the left, specifically black and brown identity politics, and White identity politics emerged.

But that’s not to be confused with racism.

Many of these Whites voted for Barack Obama twice so their backing of Trump wasn’t a backlash against a Black president. They were recoiling from constantly being accused of racism. (During the Democratic primary candidates were interrupted on stage, heckled, and shouted down by protesters whose only stated aim was to “shut the election down”, one candidate even made a public apology for saying “all lives matter” …But no one will single out and discuss the contributions this counter productivity made to the Democratic party’s defeat.)

But the advertisers would deny these reasons exist because “Trump supporters” are easily understood by a single mindedness they have gone through great lengths to expose.

Now, the ad has a portrait of former President Lyndon B. Johnson.

President Johnson signed The Civil Rights Act of 1964, The Voting Rights Act of 1965, launched the “War on Poverty” and the “Great Society” programs, but President Johnson’s image wasn’t to promote his record, it was to underscore social progress under a Democratic presidency, and to suggest “Trump Supporters” have blocked progress.

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