Before, during and after the Thanksgiving Day 2016 Pittsburgh Steelers 28-7 pasting of the 2nd string quarterback sporting Indianapolis Colts at weather friendly Lucas Oil Stadium in “Indy,” nearly everyone including but not limited to: joggers, bloggers and London foggers and many other “Johnny-come-lately” prognosticators and imitators were demanding without just cause, while not even displaying the slightest understanding of why they were demanding the termination, and ex-communication of Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin henceforth and forevermore from the “church of the Black and Gold” because of the perceived difficulties of him being able to keep his “flock of players” in line and for disputed coaching decisions such as attempting two point conversions during a time when possibly attempting to kick one point conversions with a “unique” placekicker, were sometimes almost as risky as trying to kick a greased pigskin into the teeth of a 200 miles per hour generating wind machine.

But fortunately regarding the job security of one Michael Pettaway Tomlin, cooler heads prevailed because the Rooney family and the Pittsburgh Steelers decided not to throw the headmaster out with the bath water because those sitting in the “coliseum of life” all displayed the thumbs down sign when it came to continuing his employment as the Pittsburgh Steelers big man on campus.

Many cerebral Steelers aficionados’ figured out sooner rather than later that there was nothing ailing the Steelers that facing the Cleveland Browns armed with a third string signal caller and the Indianapolis Colts team minus their star QB as well as several other key players couldn’t remedy.  A

s far as the remainder of the Steelers 2016 season is concerned, they have five remaining games. They are scheduled to face the New York Giants, Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns in Pittsburgh at Heinz Field. They have to go on the road to face the Buffalo Bills and The Cincinnati Bengals.  Their only looming defeat might come when they travel to the tundra dominated landscape of Buffalo, NY to face the talented but topsy-turvy Bills. Therefore an 11-5 record should win another AFC North title for them but alas, the New York Giants or the Baltimore Ravens can never be counted out, especially the Baltimore Ravens.

The Ravens always have an extra turn up the heat button when it comes to facing their bitter and longtime rivals, the Steelers.   Beating the Browns and the Colts are by no means a signal to celebrate for the Steelers or their faithful and Pittsburgh is by no means out of the woods.  As a matter of fact, the Steelers have just exited the forest but are now entering the swamp like final leg of their season.  If they ae not careful, the quicksand if failure is awaiting their very next step.

No one fears your weapons if the outcome of your efforts are hit and miss.  Competitors respect sharpshooters not those that can only rarely and randomly hit their targets because as I said in a recent column there is no sense in having the greatest firepower without being able to focus on and hit the intended destination.

The Steelers have to hit on all cylinders; offense, defense and special teams.  If they experience even a minor misfire, they most likely will be out on a deer hunting or fly fishing expedition in January of 2017, while the crème de la crème of the NFL will still be in the hunt for a Lombardi Trophy.  Don’t expect any more help from the 3rd string QB’s of the NFL.  There does not appear to be any forthcoming assistance on the horizon.

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