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Once  President-elect Donald Trump takes office one of the first issues he will face will be a bill U.S House Speaker Paul Ryan will present to him on changing Social Security and Medicare as we know them.

Even though these were the most important issues in the presidential campaign, Trump and Hillary Clinton were so busy digging up dirt on each other they barely touched on these topics.

Well they are major topics for Ryan who wants to privatize them, much like former President George W. Bush wanted to. But Trump has indicated he doesn’t want to mess with either for retired or retiring citizens. Since the money is there, don’t mess with it. Keep it like it is. Matter of fact, Social Security and Medicare may be the only two programs that pay for themselves. The problem is that politicians on both sides of the aisle keep dipping into these funds to pay for other programs.

These programs are critical for America. Just think about it, you’ve worked all your life, starting at 16, now you are past 60, 65 or even 70, having to retire and simply want to live out the rest of the few years you have left enjoying your life.  But now politicians are telling you they stole your money for other things and there is no money or very little of your money left.

Without this money you can no longer live the lifestyle you are used to. And I’m not talking about a lifestyle of luxury. I’m talking about simply paying the utilities, mortgage/rent, food, car insurance, home insurance, and heaven forbid there is a major car repair, or home repair, and don’t forget Christmas gifts for the grandchildren.

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