Convicted serial killer John Wayne Gacy once said that as far as the atrocities of his heinous acts were concerned that: “I should have been convicted of no more than running a cemetery without a license,” or something to that effect.

The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Cleveland Browns at First Energy Stadium in Cleveland by the score of 24-9 on Sunday November 20, 2016 at in what appeared to be a “death row like” contest for both squads.  It was a playoff run sort of do or die game for the Steelers and every game henceforth for the 0-11 “Brownies” will be a game just to remain relevant as a franchise.

Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger was either under the influence of something or maybe he was just plain exhausted when he said the following; “we just won a game, honestly, that’s the approach that we have to have.  It really doesn’t mean anything.  It means we won a football game.”

Roethlisberger only threw for a paltry 167 yards against the hapless Browns, which in itself was suspect even in light of the playing conditions. The outcome of the game was finally decided when Steelers defensive tackle Javon Hargrave caused Browns back up to a backup to a backup QB Josh McCown to fumble with 3:36 remaining in the game to finally put the Browns out of their misery.

In the meantime, Steelers running back LeVeon Bell ran for 146 yards on 28 carries.  It was a great performance by the reliable and talented Bell but next week the Steelers travel to Indianapolis Colts.  Roethlisberger acknowledged the stellar performance by his backfield mate.  “We knew with the weather we had today that he was going to have to be big for us,”  he said.  Roethlisberger has been an outright serial killer of the Browns, with a record of 20-2 against them over the past decade.

The Steelers, regardless of their reservoir of talent, had better start to win big sooner than later because the history of the Rooney family suggests that they will rid themselves of players that cannot or will not adapt to the “Steeler way,” Hall-of-Fame- quarterbacks included rather than making a wholesale change at the coaching level.

As for the Cleveland Browns go, “the mistakes from the lakes” should be convicted of impersonating an NFL football team.  Instead of the Browns players being charged and convicted of using PED’s (performance enhancing drugs), the Browns should be charged and penalized for not using PED’s. In fact a special waiver to use performance enhancing drugs should be automatically issued to teams that reach or exceed the 0-12 mark and drug tests should be issued by the NFL to make sure that the losers are in compliance… diggg.

Each week has to be akin to a prisoner sitting on death row for the Cleveland Browns faithful as they sit and wait for their beloved Browns to “lose another one” for the Gipper and for the Browns great and illustrious alum such as Jim Brown, Ozzie Newsome and others.

In a minute the Browns are going to be charged, tried and convicted of running a stadium without a football team. The city of Cleveland has been cheated outright for years because of their passionate fan base that worships and adores professional sports, especially professional football.  The loyalty of any fan base whether they are from the world of sports or entertainment should be taken advantage of because of their passion and love for the “team.”

Whether it be the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns or any other team sports team, sports fans are not cut from the cloth of Job, (pronounced jobe) the man featured in the Holy Scriptures that had almost unlimited patience. Sooner or later boos will turn into empty seats and empty seats.  An old farmer, (me) once said “even a cash cow runs out of milk.”

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