(NNPA)—Nobody said that the road to freedom, justice and equality would be easy.  In the wake of the results of the national elections across the United States, it is crystal clear that the aspirations, hopes and dreams of 47 million Black Americans are neither in vain or hopeless.  We have been disappointed before.  We have been joyous before. But today we are all called to be vigilant, persistent and resilient.

As one of our sacred freedom songs refrains in an upbeat, “Woke up this morning with my mind stayed on freedom…ain’t gonna let nobody turn us around…Got a keep my mind, spirit and soul focused on freedom…no matter what happens…we gonna keep on marching…we gonna keep on shouting…we gonna keep on marching  down freedom’s road.”

You have heard me affirm before within the printed and digital contours of the National Newspaper Publishers Association that our collective sense of righteous optimism and moral imperatives were really never based exclusively on one event or one defeat or even one victory.  Ours is a long protracted struggle for freedom and equality.

Our brother, freedom fighter writer and author James Baldwin, once told me, “We have to look at the future without a moment to blink with our heads unbowed with a transcendent determination always to rise above the cynicism of the day and never let giving-in to wrong creep into our souls…for nobody knows or even cares about our suffering if we ever stoop to be silent or indifferent after the bloody lash of history has once again hit out bare backs.”

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