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The big, big, big surprising presidential upset of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton has a lot of people in this country highly upset and scared. But I say, it’s not only President-elect Trump we must fear, but also the fact that this election gives the Republicans the majority in the U.S. Senate, U.S. House and the presidency.

The last two times this occurred we ended up in the Great Depression and the Great Recession that Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Barack Obama had to bail us out of. How soon we forget?

The majority of the people have voted, once again, for the Republicans to rule. Especially Whites over 50 who really feel that Trump and the GOP will be able to take this country back to the good ol’ days when White men could barely finish high school, yet, got good paying jobs in the factories and mills before the factories and mills left.

The factories and mills left not because of bad trade deals, but because greedy corporate leaders like Trump saw that they could make bigger profits by paying foreign laborers in India, China or other Asian, African or Middle Eastern countries. But now, these workers are demanding more money, which is leading to some manufacturing companies as well as other companies to come back to America.

Plus, think about it, does the average young worker of today want to work in the mills or factories on these backbreaking jobs? As the old saying goes, “be careful of what you wish for.”

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