(NNPA)—I began election night with exuberance. I was among the many who forecast a Hillary win. The only disagreement among my circle was how big the Hillary rout would be. I thought she’d get at least 300 electoral college votes, and hoped that she’d thump Trump by getting as many as 340, holding him to less than 200 electoral college votes. The tables were turned and Trump was the one doing the thumping, with the electoral vote count estimated to be 290-228 (at this writing, final counts were not in). Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, garnering around 600,000 more votes than Donald Trump.

White folks won the day for Trump in an amazing showing of White solidarity. Trump took 58 percent of the White vote, but did not get a majority vote from any other racial/ethnic group. Only 8 percent of African Americans voted for Trump. He did better among Asian Americans (29 percent) and Hispanics (nearly 30 percent). White people repudiated Hillary Clinton and embraced Trump as one of their own, despite his racist, misogynistic, and jingoistic rhetoric.

Hillary Clinton counted on White women, especially college-educated White women, to save the day. Clearly, they were not with her. According to Edison Research exit polls, Trump won 45 percent of college-educated White women and 62 percent of White women non-college graduates. Trump won 53 percent of the total White female vote. The college-educated White women’s narrow vote for Clinton did not overcome the overwhelming support other Whites gave him. White women valued culture and class over gender. Many of them are the mothers, daughters, sisters or wives of the White men who gave Trump 63 percent of their vote.

Hillary Clinton failed to energize the base, or transcend the indifference that too many voters felt for her. Turnout was only 56.8 percent, just one percent higher than 2012, and lower than the 58.2 percent turnout in 2008. More than 95 million people who were eligible to vote didn’t show up to the polls.

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