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I was very disappointed when Pittsburgh Police Chief Cameron McLay announced his resignation. I never met him, but from what I saw of him and read about him, he seemed like a good man. A few years ago I was in his hometown of Madison, Wis., and I was surprised that’s where our now former police chief was from. Some reported that Madison was similar to Pittsburgh, but in my brief stay there I did not see it. He says that he has done the job he came to Pittsburgh to do. I guess shine a light on the police force.

Speaking of shining a light, this most recent presidential race and its outcome has shone a big light on America. I still want someone to tell me two things. Who are you taking the country back from? And, if America isn’t great, why do so many risk life and limb to get here? On Nov. 8 and 9, I was sick and could barely make it to work the day after the election. I listened to Trump supporters gleefully talk about the outcome of the election.  One peer spoke about the watch party that he went to at his church. My ears picked up when he said “his church.” How could people who call themselves Christians respect a man that has done despicable things in his business and personal life? And then I realized that there are millions of bigots and racists in this world.

This is not a post-racial society; I feel like we are taking steps back to the days when we could not vote and had to drink  from separate water fountains. I almost felt scared to drive down the parkway the next morning. I was worried that I would see confederate flags flying on top of pickup trucks and shotguns in back windows. My ride was uneventful, but in certain places I felt a different vibe. During these next four years, pay attention people. Find a news source that you trust, read the newspaper and keep your eyes on your money. I just read a story about how the Republicans have had their eye on dismantling Social Security for a long time. In 2004, Paul Ryan pushed a plan to privatize Social Security so extreme that even George W. Bush called it irresponsible. Reportedly, a Trump administration would be open to cuts in Social Security and Medicare. In a book written by Trump, he refers to Social Security as a “Ponzi scheme” and proposed increasing retirement age to 70 years of age. Earlier this year, I spoke to political analyst Jon Delano and he said he doesn’t believe that we will see changes to Social Security that would affect baby boomers. That made me feel somewhat safe. Pay close attention to what Trump does and says; his actions may very well affect your bottom line.

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