This is one of the most critical elections in years. If we don’t get it right this time, we as Black people just may see ourselves move back to the 1950s and ‘60s.

Yes, we are finishing up eight years of a Black president who, if allowed, would have moved this country to its greatest heights in world history. We would have had an affordable health care system, which would have benefitted everyone, but all he could get passed was a stripped down version of the Affordable Care Act.

If he had been allowed to push his economic agenda through, we would have had a record-breaking number of jobs created. But everything he pushed forward was shot down with nothing to replace it. Even though the country is at an all time high level in job creations it could have been better.

The Republican House and Senate made it very clear that they didn’t care about the effect to the country; they were going to block every single bill or program President Obama tried to accomplish. Why? We know why. So even though the majority of Americans voted for Obama and the policies he made absolutely clear during his campaigns, the Republicans said they didn’t care about the majority of Americans or the country as a whole; they were blocking anything he brought forth. Much like the health plan, even though they said back in 2008 it was terrible, when asked to submit an alternative, nothing was offered. There has still been no health plan offered by the Republicans today because the Pharmaceutical companies own them.

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