In August of 2016, I penned a column titled: The fix has been in.”  Please permit me to regress a tad before I take you to the body of this work. In my previous communique I wrote this. “On Friday August 12, 2016, (it should have been Friday the 13th as far as I am concerned; Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump began to act as if he needed a diaper change as the general election creeps ever closer. Unlike now when he is mounting a serious challenge, he was beginning to show signs of struggle as he was falling behind in the polls and was beginning to let his Aryan superiority nature shine through.

“We’re going to watch Pennsylvania. Go down to certain areas and watch and study and make sure other people don’t come in and vote five times,” he said at a rally in Altoona.

“If you do that, we’re not going to lose. The only way we can lose, in my opinion — I really mean this, Pennsylvania — is if cheating goes on.”

Mr. Trump has sat on the sidelines and watched “rigging” and voter manipulation go on and the only issue he had was whether President Barack Obama was a legal United States citizen.

During this “enlightened” time for Mr. Trump right wing advocates, legislators and sympathizers were “gerrymandering,” as well as creating stifling and racist voter I.D. laws, discontinuing or cutting Sunday and weekend polling place hours, (history shows that many minorities use Sunday as a voting day because many have to work during the week).

These new I.D. restrictions began to serve as the new “poll” tax.

Purging Black voters from the roles in North Carolina and preventing them from voting is happening today, 2016, not 1916! Many White Southerners have been rigging the voting process before, during and after the “Emancipation” proclamation was signed and they continue to do so.  Now with only a few exceptions these methods have spread nationally. They are not making a fuss over Russian President Vladmir Putin influencing our electoral process because he is doing their bidding and continuing the vote invalidating processes that they put in place and continue to honor.



“Make Americans slaves again,” oops, I meant make America Great again. By the way, when did slavery ever cease?

Certainly not during the industrial revolution where White immigrants from Europe and Black migrants from the southern United States flocked armed only with hopes and dreams, to our nation’s factories with a single purpose; to make products for the rich to sell to the poor, end beginning and middle of the story.

Now phase two of the “let’s steal an election” is being implemented by the crooked, devious, racist, GOP; they have now enlisted the help of the corrupt and incorrigible Federal Bureau of Investigation, better known as the F.B.I or the “junior KGB.”  This election should be dubbed the “2016 Halloween Eurocentric Aryan Election,” featuring the next American President, Vladmir Putin, his vice-president Donald J. Trump and their Secretary of State, Gov. Michael Pence of Poland, oops I meant Indiana.  We can’t forget their new secretary of “offense,” FBI Director, James Comey, who looks as if he coming before he even receives his Playboy magazine in the mail, you digg…………The upcoming election should have been held on Halloween night 2016 because there were a lot more tricks being played than treats being handed out. They have scheduled the Donald Trump, Trump University trial for November 28, 2015, almost 3 full weeks after the 2016 election, yet they continue to pursue vague and irrelevant Hillary Clinton emails up to and after ballots have begun to be cast and are continuing to be counted, going all out in an overt attempt to taint and politically poison the psyche of the voting public.  They could not gerrymander a majority or use voting restrictive procedures or reduce polling places in neighborhoods and precincts of color in order to create a false majority, Now they preside over mock Kangaroo court hearings, armed with fake charges to sway gullible White voters because they realize the Black vote is far too out of reach.

Don’t forget the 2000 Presidential Election was handed to George W.  Bush after his younger sibling, then  Florida Governor Jeb Bush, turned out the lights in Florida voting booths and when power was restored, there were hanging chads from the contested ballots with his fingerprints and the fingerprints of United States Supreme Court Justice Clarence “Uncle Remus” Thomas smudged all over the margin of victory for the elder Bush sibling.  How can the GOP even be racist? The vote of a Black Supreme Court justice tilted a tainted election and cursed America with eight years of George W. Bush.

Black Americans should stop singing, “we shall overcome” and just overcome, because the melody has gotten weak, and the congregation including the choir and the preacher have ceased to listen or care and have retired downstairs to eat dinner.  The fried chicken taste a lot better than the sound of those stale and meaningless lyrics. A few of Donald Trump’s supporters including an ex-GOP congressman have stated that if Hillary Clinton is elected that they are going to: “bear arms and pick up their muskets.”  Black people had better arm themselves as well.  We had better be armed with a good pair of Dr. Scholl’s gel shoe inserts to help our sore feet while we wait in line to cast our “.45 caliber ballots.”

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