Life these days is a three-ring circus.

The clowns at your job dominate ring one. Ring two features the juggler (you) and your checkbook, schedule, chore list and family obligations. And in ring three, there’s a wild combination of the other two. Run away and join the circus? Yeah, that’s already happened, but in the new book “Truevine: Two Brothers, a Kidnapping, and a Mother’sQuest: A True Story of the Jim Crow South” by Beth Macy, it was far from voluntary.

Harriet Muse was nearly beside herself with worry.

According to a legend handed down from mother to child for generations, Harriet’s sons were snatched away from their field chores on a warm day in 1899—kidnapped in broad daylight by a white man with candy because Willie and George, ages 6 and 9, were not like other African American children of their day. The two Muse boys were albinos with white hair, pale skin and pink eyes.

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