Estate of ELEANOR J. MORAN deceased of Pittsburgh, No. 021605485 of 2016 Carol Ann Moran, Extr. or to c/o Philip J. Scolieri, Esquire, Scolieri Law Group, P.C., 1207 Fifth Avenue, Suite 200 Bldg., Pittsburgh, PA  15219.

Estate of ESTHER WALDER KLIONSKY, a/k/a ESTHER MIRIAM WALDER KLIONSKY, deceased of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania No. 02-16-04160. Daniel Klionsky, Executor, 6625 Woodwell Street, Pittsburgh, PA  15217 or to Robert B. Wolf, Esquire, Tener, Van Kirk, Wolf & Moore, P.C., One Oxford Center, Suite 2100, 301 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, PA  15219

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