Given what we have learned about him during his campaign for U.S. president, Donald Trump would be unemployable, at this point, were he not self-employed. We learned that in 2005 he boasted that he could sexually assault women with impunity because he is a “star,” and nearly a dozen women have come forward to claim that Trump groped them (he denies all of these claims). He publicly mocked a disabled person. He said a judge was unfit to rule on a case because he is of Mexican heritage. He publicly insulted the parents of a U.S. serviceman who died in combat. He shows a recklessness and lack of self-control that would be worrisome in a teenager. This list could be extended for many pages, and it describes someone you would not hire to work for your company, at any level, because of the potential damage he could do to your reputation. It’s the shame (and may be the ruin) of the Republican Party that its base has become so angry, hateful, crude and oblivious to fact that Trump could win their nomination to lead our country and the most powerful military on earth.

Of all the organizations that should not employ Trump, put the United States government at the top of the list. He has called for a foreign government to interfere with our presidential election. He has said he would deny immigration to Muslims on the basis of their religion and mass-deport illegal immigrants. Now, faced with dismal polls, he is saying the presidential election is “rigged” and he will not accept the outcome – unless he wins, which should make a complete mockery of his conviction that the process is rigged (but, if you are still believing in Trump now, then no mockery or shame is likely to move you). All of these actions and positions are antithetical to our democracy and incredibly dangerous to its future. Trump indulges and promotes hate, prejudice and fear. This shallow, ignorant man – a demagogue with authoritarian instincts – must never direct the executive branch of our federal government or command its military.
Hillary Clinton is, by contrast, one of the most competent and experienced individuals who ever sought a first term as U.S. president. She has served with honor and distinction in the U.S. Senate and as a member of the U.S. president’s cabinet as secretary of state. She has negotiated complex, progressive bipartisan legislation in the Congress, as well as sensitive, effective international agreements with potentially belligerent foreign nations. She has lived through two terms in the White House as the president’s closest and most trusted advisor (and spouse). In 2016, given how bitterly divided this country has become – and increasingly indifferent, if not resistant, to facts – we think the only positive change that is possible at this time is incremental change. To effect that, we need a supremely competent and experienced inside player who knows our politics, government and economy intimately. There is only one such candidate on the ballot, Hillary Clinton, and it is women, African Americans and Hispanics who will elect her.

The ruinous personal revelations about Trump have sent his campaign into a tail spin that left him ranting about “rigged” elections, signaling even his feeling that he can’t win on November 8. That does not mean that those of us committed to defeating Trump can rest or even slow down. Absentee voting for the November 8 general election has begun, and now is the time to check with family, friends and neighbors who might need to vote absentee to make sure they vote before election day. Now is also the time to check with people who might need a ride on election day to make sure they have a plan to get to the polls. The danger Trump’s candidacy poses to this country – and especially to its most vulnerable citizens – will extend long past this election, but the best way to start beating it back now is to hand Hillary Clinton an historically overwhelming victory over the man who has stoked white rage to this boiling point with more than a year of his lies, rants and insults. The dire consequences for this nation and its people, were Clinton to lose this election, are unthinkable. We strongly endorse HILLARY CLINTON FOR U.S. PRESIDENT.


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