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The New England Patriots and their Boston baked beans crew visited the Pittsburgh Steelers last Sunday and beat the Black and Gold as expected by the score of 27-16. As a result, Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick has again been redubbed “the genius.” The masses have time and time again been hoodwinked into thinking and chewing the fat about the everlasting and never ending pool of resources located within the “cranial cavern” of Bill Belichick.

The Steelers lost because they didn’t execute and they missed too many opportunities in the “red zone,” not because of the genius of Bill Belichick. Dropped passes, missed field goals. Little or no pressure on the quarterback, not being able to stop the run or the pass. Belichick can coach it but he cannot perform for his players, they have to do that themselves.

I have scoured all of the sources of information in regards to post game analysis that I can think of and I have come up with a beauty. Football aficionado Steave Hoover posted this on “Truth be told, I have never been a NE fan. In fact, I’ve loathed them for many years until recently. Always an Eagle’s fan, I decided to read anything I could find about Bill Belichick and what I’ve come across is he’s a modern day coaching genius. In fact, I believe he’s one of the 5 greatest coaches ever in football, professional and college included. He does things his own way in spite of what others might think of him. I’m intrigued at how he exploits the mistakes his foes make. He’s a credit to football, to me he brings back the way the game was played 50 years ago. NE is quite fortunate to have a winner as its coach. I would love to see them as the American Conference rep to this year’s Super Bowl.”


Aubrey Bruce

“Genius: [jeen-yuh s] /ˈdʒin yəs/ 1. an exceptional natural capacity of intellect, especially as shown in creative and original work in science, art, music, etc.: the genius of Mozart. the guardian spirit of a place, institution, etc. 2. either of two mutually opposed spirits, one good and the other evil, supposed to attend a person throughout life. a person who strongly influences for good or ill the character, conduct, or destiny of a person, place, or thing:” Now the genius of Bill Belichick did influence the good and the ill of his players, their conduct and the destinies of the teams and the cities that they cheated out of possible Super Bowls and championships. As far as I am concerned, the only genius about the cheating Patriots is how they have convinced “dullards” disguising themselves as fans that the Patriots and their head coach are the watershed of football intellect and excellence.

Bill Belichick is no more a genius than Pete Rose was when he was exposed illegally betting on baseball games. He is no smarter than the players caught in the “Black Sox” baseball scandal that happened during the beginning of the twentieth century.. Listen up boys’ and girls’, neither you, me, or the the gatepost can ever be a genius, if we get caught, you dig…….Peace out. (The source for his column was

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