Tim Kaine speaks at CMU (Photo by Merecedes Howze)

Tim Kaine addresses crowd at CMU (Photo by Merecedes J. Howze)

Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine visited Carnegie Mellon University last Thursday. In front of his parents and hundreds of spectators, the US Senator quickly discredited the Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf introduced Kaine, but not before making his own jabs at Trump about his poor business moves.
“There’s a lot at stake,” said Senator Kaine.

Toting a copy of Trump’s book, “Crippled America”, Kaine focused on its negative connotation.  Eight months after the book’s release, Trump changed the title to “Great Again: How to Fix Our Crippled America”.

“You can change the title of your book, but you can’t change who you are, Donald Trump.”

Pennsyvania governor Tom Wolf introduces Tim Kaine at CMU (Photo by Merecedes Howze)

Pennsyvania governor Tom Wolf introduces Tim Kaine at CMU (Photo by Merecedes J. Howze)

The tax topic surfaced, too.  According to Kaine, every presidential candidate since Richard Nixon had provided their tax returns except for Trump.  “Is this the kind of guy you want in the Oval Office?”
“We’re not going to let that happen.”

Days later, Orange is the New Black star Lea DeLaria stopped by the Clinton campaign office in Bakery Square.  Her message was similar; Donald Trump is unfit to be president.

October 11th was deadline to register to vote in Pennsylvania.  Both Kaine and DeLaria recognized how important Pennsylvania is to the election. “Trump knows he has to win Pennsylvania to win the election,” said Kaine, 58.

Hillary Clinton supporter at Rally

Hillary Clinton supporter at Rally (Photo by Merecedes J. Howze)

“This state is so important to us,” said DeLaria, also 58.

DeLaria, who plays “Boo” on the popular Netflix series, “can’t believe that our country has become so divided.”

She warned a group of campaign volunteers that Republicans will attempt to “pull every dirty nasty trick there is” to win the election.

After the Trump diss, DeLaria reminded supporters why Clinton was the best choice.  Highlighting her involvement in the Middle East as Secretary of State, her views on women, and gay marriage, DeLaria admitted, “She’s not running for saint.

Lea DeLaria and Merecedes Howze at Bakery Square

Lea DeLaria and Merecedes J. Howze at Bakery Square

Besides Pamela Diner’s meat and potatoes, DeLaria was intrigued by Pittsburgh’s “passionate people.”  “People here are worried and they care” about this upcoming election.

Over the weekend, the entire Orange is the New Black cast was on the campaign trial. Uzo Aduba, affectionately known as “Crazy Eyes” on the show, was in North Carolina.  “We all care. The entire cast and crew is with her,” said DeLaria.

“Orange is the new Hillary!”

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