Dear Editor:

With all due respect, for Councilman Ricky Burgess and his support for Congressman Doyle’s endeavors for the initiatives stated in his September 2016 letter to the editor, in response to Hop Kendrick, there is one perspective he clearly neglected. For the past 33 years of his “remembering” we have elected no one from the Black community of this city to federal office, neither have we groomed anyone.

In those past 33 years, I am sure Mr. Burgess has championed and encouraged many Blacks to pursue working together, and to make a better way for young people to get a good education, and pursue their dreams. So, what happens when a young intelligent, educated, well-spoken, Christian Black man does just that, and wants to put those years of purpose to work for him and the total community? All the people, those same Black voices that encouraged him to excel in the first place, meet him with the same resistance that has kept us from a seat at the table of political inclusion. It is a travesty of common sense.

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