How soon we forget.

I remember back during the late 1960s and early ‘70s, many, if not most, Blacks did not stand or sing the National Anthem as a form of protest about how we had been treated in the past and still were being treated by this country. But somewhere along the line we forgot and now after the almost weekly killings of Black men by police, Colin Kaepernick is bringing attention back to the conditions of Blacks in this country by not standing for the National Anthem.

Who in the world does he think he is? Who is this Colin Kaepernick?

Colin Kaepernick (AP Photo/File)

He’s an NFL quarterback who wasn’t born until 1987; a bi-racial child adopted as a infant by upper middle class White parents from his 19-year-old mother which should have meant that he would be the last person one would think of being a militant, because he was so far removed from the 1960s and 1970s by birth as well as the problems of poor urban Blacks by his parents. He could have so easily ignored it and lived the life of the rich bi-racial athlete, but he has brought more attention to the police killings and the other struggles in this country pertaining to race and Black males being murdered than all the protests. But even being a bi-racial child raised by upper middle income Whites didn’t block him from the racism he was confronted with because of his skin color being a shade darker than his friends and neighbors.

It’s very strange that the NFL is around 70 percent Black and rising, yet it took a bi-racial young man to make a stand.

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