DIANE POWELL Black Women for Change

Black Women for Change

Whether your thinking on the Ben Franklin proverb “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” or better still, the biblical quote “in all thy getting, get understanding” you can count on Pittsburgh’s NAACP and Black Women for Positive Change, a Multi-racial, Interfaith Advocacy Group for due diligence.

The NAACP’s national partner Wells Fargo Bank sponsored a Community Forum entitled “Straight Talk and the Police” recently at the Petra International Ministries located in East Hills. The purpose, to promote a non-violent initiative and have a “timely conversation” to build trust and reconciliation with the African American community,“ as stated by Diane Powell, representative for Black Women for Change.

There was a brief informative presentation given by Ismail Smith-Wade El, representing the NAACP’s Financial Freedom Campaign and Robert Wilson representing the Shadyside Wells Fargo Bank, emphasizing Economic Empowerment. Both spoke on money issues and Wilson offered specific strategies to determine personal financial solvency.

HOWARD BURTON Penn Hills Police Chief

Penn Hills Police Chief

He suggested and offered his expertise to assist in resolving credit problems that might result in loan denials and further warned against ineffectual credit repair agencies by describing their operation tactics that ultimately jeopardize future investments such as home ownership.

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