Sheila Simmons

Sheila Simmons

Hey, Millennials — grow up.

National pundits are saying the 2016 presidential election could hinge on you. Will the next leader of the free world be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? The choice — for those of you who fall between the ages of 18 and 34 — is yours.

And you do have a choice. You may not like your choice, but one of those two will win.

The polls say that as many as 29 percent of you prefer the 63-year-old Libertarian candidate: the guy who doesn’t know what Aleppo is, and, when asked by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews to name a single leader from another nation whom he admired – couldn’t.

The former Republican governor of New Mexico recalled not one. From throughout the whole, wide world.

The candidate, Gary Johnson, finally replied, “The former president of Mexico,” to which Matthews inquired, “Which one?”

OK, seriously?

A good percentage of you millennials are college-goers, right? You obviously believe in the acquisition of knowledge, particularly around your chosen career area. Well, you should know that international affairs is a must for someone working toward the job of U.S. president.

Did you get the impression Johnson hadn’t spent any more time examining world affairs than you did reviewing material for this semester’s pass/fail course?

A recent story by The Associated Press said that while millennials “recoiled from Donald Trump, they haven’t flocked to Clinton,” whom it noted was “not only shy of Obama’s mark but also well behind John Kerry’s level of support with young voters when he lost in 2004.”

“Clinton acknowledges that she’s struggled to convince millennials, who came of age during the politically polarized Obama era, an experience that’s left them more skeptical of political party politics,” the story noted.

Well, we’d all like politicians who listened to us. Black voters have literally begged, marched and been clubbed over the head to get America to institute government policies that are fair and equal.

Did we get what we wanted? Not really.

But can we afford to stay home next month and allow a dictator-in-the-making to take over? Heck, no.

Maybe you’ll stay home on Nov. 8 — out of protest. That’s called a temper tantrum. Did it get you very far when you were 4?

Maybe you’re thinking, hey, if Trump wins, then I’ll just keep on keeping on. That’s kind of like knowing Trump University is a scam, but enrolling anyway.

Millennials, it’s time to put on your big boy pants and act like a responsible, adult voter.

And for the non-millennials among us who are old enough to know what’s at stake with a Donald Trump win, remember comedian Sarah Silverman and her 2008 “The Great Schlep” video, in which she urges young Jews to talk to their retired parents in Florida about voting for Obama.

“The people that vote there are the elderly Jews,” Silverman told a New York Times reporter, “and they’re not voting Obama because his name is scary.”

So, grab a young buck by the ear and talk to them about how this is not the time to kick rocks.

The Republic is on the line.

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