Last month when the Pittsburgh Steelers traveled to the “city of brotherly love,” otherwise known as Philadelphia, PA to face the Philly Eagles, it was assumed that they would pirouette out of the city with a win, based on the fact that the Black and Gold were about to face a rookie QB and an Eagles secondary that had experienced several injuries and appeared at best to be; “sieve like.”  Alas, the only sieve turned out to be the offensive line and the secondary of the Steelers.

Many folks were saying the Steelers were not as good as they had been advertised and not as bad as the 34-3 skunk smelling beat down by the Eagles had indicated.

After rebounding against the K.C. Chiefs, the next test for the Pittsburgh squad was supposed to be a “gut check” that was due to be provided by the incoming New York Jets.  However, the “gang from Gotham,” flew into Heinz Field on a borrowed “Concorde.” and departed Allegheny river side of “the Burgh” on a mule.”  The slap around administered to Pittsburgh in Philadelphia apparently functioned as a strong dose of “smelling salts” for the Steel City squad causing them to instantly awaken from their early season siesta.  Prior to the Eagles game, everyone had pointed out that the sub for running back LeVeon Bell; DeAngelo Williams would hold his own watching  as a an interested spectator while Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger pulled a few rabbits out of a few designated hats, putting on his best impression of master illusionist, David Copperfield.

Fast Forward to October 9, 2016 at Heinz Field.  Even though LeVeon Bell had returned the week before against the Chiefs he appeared to be just a few steps shy of his “omni-dangerous” self.

When asked how he felt about his performance Bell said; “It felt good.  Obviously my first game [back] I was a little nervous, but this game I didn’t really think about it, I just went out there and played and let the game come to me.”

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger didn’t have much of a problem connecting with his warp speed endowed wide receiver Sammie Coates.  The problem that both QB and wide receiver experienced were  multiple unforced drops by the Steelers talented second year wide receiver out of Auburn.  The miscues could have been the result of an injured hand in the first half of the game that required multiple stitches.  Although Roethlisberger may have been slightly irritated by the “drops” “Big” Ben did not shy away from the young wide-out.   “To be able to step up with not an easy injury and to feel down — he hurts as bad as anybody when he drops a ball — but I want him to know, there’s no number [of drops], I’m going to come back to you, I believe in you. He showed why I should have that faith in him.”

It appears that the Steelers have reestablished confidence in themselves, at least on the offensive side of the ball.  The early season swagger that they exhibited may have taken a hit, just a few weeks ago, but for now all seems to be well with the Steelers nation.  If the Steelers front seven can just put a little more pressure on opposing quarterbacks in order to help shield their vulnerable defensive secondary from harm; the sky may be the limit for Steelers 2016 squad.


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