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Why can’t more of us see that economics is the key to our freedom and the answer to the problems we talk about all the time? This political year has and continues to bring this fact to light, but the Colin Kaepernick protest illuminates the issue of economics even more.  Here is a guy who chose to exercise his right not to stand at the playing/singing of the National Anthem, and as a result folks have called him everything but a child of God.  Folks who have burned the flag have not received the kind of treatment Kaepernick has gotten.  Now, as other football players have joined in to do similar acts of protest, the real deal—economics—comes to the forefront.

Sponsors are exercising their rights to revoke their endorsements of these athletes.  In other words, they are taking away their money in an effort to punish these players, the same thing they always do when a player says or does something they don’t like or agree with. It has happened to Black and White players alike.

Opinions abound on what the players should do now, and it’s amazing that some of us tell them to keep it up no matter how much money they lose, but we are unwilling to do the same thing at our jobs.  Yes, they make a whole lot more money than most of us do, but it’s all relative.

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