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With the two most recent killings of Black men by police, two big questions popped up. When is it going to end? And why don’t Black men have Second Amendment Rights?

On Sept. 16, Terence Crutcher’s car broke down on the middle of a bridge in the middle of the road. Either he or someone called for assistance. But instead of help, he was gunned down by the police because they saw him as a threat because he was big, Black, and wore loose fitting cloths.

So instead of assisting a stranded motorist the police killed an innocent man they saw as a threat because he was big and Black. They never found a gun. They tried to say he had PCP in the car, but I’ve never heard of PCP being a deadly threat to anyone other than the user.

At least in this case the shooter, a White female police officer, has been charged with First Degree Manslaughter. Now whether she is actually convicted by the all White jury, yes I’m going out on a limb in saying it will be an all White jury, is another matter.

Another police shooting of Keith Scott in Charlotte, N.C., Sept. 20, who police said he had a gun, followed this shooting. But video once again showed he was no threat to the police. This time the shooter was a Black officer.

There was a dispute over whether the police video should be shown. Well once again it took video from the victim’s family, his wife Rakeyla Scott, who made her video begging the police not to shoot him, which eventually forced the police to release their video, which still showed he posed no threat. But one video did have a gun lying on the ground near Keith Scott’s body, but his family and lawyer said he had no gun.

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