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Donald Trump (AP Photo/File)

Donald Trump (AP Photo/File)

Trump lied about the Chicago police on March 11 and August 22. In the former incident, he claimed “I spoke with law enforcement and made… (the call to cancel) in conjunction with law enforcement” due to anticipated violence by mobs of anti-Trump protesters. But Chicago Police Department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi stated the police had adequate resources to provide security and that the decision to cancel the event was made “independently” by the Trump campaign. In the latter incident, he claimed that he met “a very top police officer in Chicago” and that officer guaranteed him he could solve the violence there “in one week” if he were permitted “to use tough police tactics.” Trump went on to say he was so impressed with that officer (whom Trump never named) that he “sent his name in and… said you should probably hire this guy.” But Guglielmi stated “No one in the senior command at the Chicago Police Department has ever met with Donald Trump…” Is the FOP proud of Trump’s lies about cops?

He often encourages violence against protesters who lawfully exercise their First Amendment free speech right, including in connection with a November 21, 2015 incident in Birmingham, Alabama when a Black man was shoved, tackled, punched, and kicked at a Trump rally. Trump said afterward, “Maybe he should have been roughed up.” And on August 17, two White men in Boston bragged about brutally beating and outrageously defiling a 58-year-old homeless Latino man- who was found by police with his “face soaked… in urine, his nose broken, his chest and arms battered.” The two said they did it because they were “inspired” by Trump who later defended those thugs as “very passionate (men who)… love this country and they want this country to be great again….” Is the FOP proud of violence?

As reported by NBC News, Trump’s comment in Wilmington, NC on August 9 was seen as a “veiled threat” against Hillary Clinton when he said she “wants to abolish… the Second Amendment. By the way, and if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks, Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know.” Is the FOP proud of actual or even veiled threats?

He advocates the immediate return of racial profiling- as well as “stop and frisk”- as he made quite clear on June 19 in Las Vegas, although it is unconstitutional and therefore illegal in every state. Is the FOP proud of constitutional violations?

He promotes the use of torture- which is illegal and inhumane- that, as he described on February 6 in Manchester, NH, is “a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding.” Is the FOP proud of torture?

He is enthusiastically endorsed by David Duke, the former Grand Wizard (and still a member) of the KKK. And Trump’s Illinois delegate, Lori Gayne, is a white supremacist whose Twitter handle is “whitepride.” His California delegate was William Johnson, who heads the white supremacist American Freedom Party. Also, Trump’s New York state surrogate, Carl Paladino, on July 6 sent a tweet calling for the “lynching” of Attorney General Loretta Lynch. And in 2010, Paladino posted a video of an African tribal dance with the photo-shopped title “Obama Inauguration Rehearsal.” Is the FOP proud of racism?

A Reuters/Ipso public opinion poll from March through June of 16,000 citizens disclosed that those who identified themselves as Trump supporters were unapologetically more racist than the supporters of the other Republican and Democratic presidential candidates. Nearly 50 percent of them said Blacks engage in “more criminality” than Whites and are “more violent” than Whites. Also, 45 percent said Blacks are “ruder” than Whites and 40 percent said they are “lazy,” while nearly 35 percent said they are “less intelligent” than Whites. Again, is the FOP proud of racism?

Based on irrefutable FBI and Justice Department statistics, the record-breaking high crime rates of the mid-1980s through the early 1990s- especially the handgun-related homicides that had more than doubled between 1985 and 1990- have steadily decreased across the country. In fact, as reported by the Atlantic on April 10, by the end of the 1990s, “the homicide rate plunged 42 percent nationwide. Violent crime decreased by one-third… Murders plummeted by 75 percent in New York City alone as the city entered the new millennium. The trend kept ticking downward from there…. By virtually any metric, Americans now live in one of the least violent times in the nation’s history.” So what does the FOP mean by making America safe again?

Does all this mean that all cops condone lies, violence, threats, unconstitutional conduct, and inhumane behavior, that all cops are racist, and that all cops deny the reality of crime decreasing? Of course not. But it ain’t lookin’ too good though. And that’s because not many of them spoke out against the FOP’s shameful endorsement. In fact, only one local police officer, namely Rochelle Bilal, who is president of the Guardian Civic League (GCL), which consists of 2,500 Black police officers, publicly condemned it.

During a professionally and thoroughly reported story by star reporter Ayana Jones in the September 20 edition of The Tribune, Bilal accurately described Trump as “an outrageous bigot” and added “We don’t like that (endorsement) decision and we will do all that we can to ensure that… (the) conscious members (of the FOP and the GCL) do not follow that lead.”

As a follow-up to Bilal’s insightful comments, I’d like to know where are those conscious members, Black, white, Latino, and Asian. We know you’re out there. Speak up. Speak out against the lies, the violence, the threats, the unconstitutional conduct, the inhumane behavior, the racism, and the denial of reality that Trump represents. You’re better than that. Aren’t you?

The spirit often moves me to end my weekly columns, whenever appropriate, with a particular inspirational quote from both David Walker’s Appeal, published in 1829, and Christopher James Perry Sr., founder of The Tribune in 1884. But the spirit has recently moved me to add a more updated particular inspirational quote that also will be included whenever appropriate. And it’s from one of the greatest rappers in Hip Hop history. In his song entitled “One-Nine-Nine-Nine,” Common said and I’m now saying “Check it. It’s like I’m fightin’ for freedom, writin’ for freedom…. My ancestors, when I’m writin’ I see ‘em and talk with ‘em. Hoping in the promised land I can walk with ‘em.”

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