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I had no idea what I would write this week, but the daily news once again portrayed our sons and daughters in a series of hostile acts, drugs, shootings and killings. After these negative stories went off I asked myself what is happening to us, what has happened to us, have we lost our minds? After sitting at the computer for an hour and I asked myself where did we lose our sense of direction, can we refocus and turn this terrible situation around or have we lost this war?

It was reflection time and I was compelled to reflect on yesteryear when our neighborhoods were so different. There were no Black neighborhoods; every neighborhood had a substantial number of White citizens.

I was born on the edge of Polish town, and the street was 50 percent Polish and about 50 percent colored. In the early 1940s we moved to the 3rd ward lower Hill District and the ward was overwhelmingly Jewish.

Prior to moving to the Hill District very few of our neighbors had indoor plumbing, gas, telephones, electricity and no house had locks on their doors. However everybody knew everybody, we were not just friendly we were friends; we were not just neighborly we were neighbors.

Daddy and momma were our loving strong religious parents, exceptional role models, and molders of character. They instilled in their family a sense of pride and the belief that we were somebody and the understanding that we were rich not necessarily in money, but in family, friends, health and happiness.

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