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Image result for terence crutcher imagesI am glad that law enforcement caught caught that maniac who was making and planting bombs in New York and New Jersey. We can rest a little easier as a nation now that one less depraved lunatic is off the street.

Having said that, I find it ironic that law enforcement  was able to shoot and take down a terrorist who attempted to cause mass destruction and carnage without actually killing him, while police officers in Tulsa, Oklahoma killed an innocent man who actually had his hands raised.

“Video footage released Monday showed Tulsa police shooting an unarmed man to death on Friday night after he approached his SUV with his arms raised.

In footage filmed from a police helicopter, Terence Crutcher, 40, can be seen slowly walking from the edge of a street north of Tulsa toward his vehicle, which authorities said had been reported abandoned at 7:36 p.m. (8:36 p.m. ET) and left running in the middle of the road.

For several seconds, an officer follows Crutcher from behind with a gun trained on him. Three more officers then converge on the scene as Crutcher lowers his hands and approaches his SUV. While standing beside the driver’s side door, he suddenly drops to the street. Moments later, blood can be seen saturating his white t-shirt.

The Tulsa Police Department also released dash-cam video of the incident.

During a news conference Monday, Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan said that Officer Tyler Turnbough tasered Crutcher, and a second officer, Betty Shelby, fired at him after telling a dispatcher “that she’s not having cooperation from” Crutcher.

Citing an ongoing investigating, Jordan declined to provide additional details, though he said that no weapon was found on Crutcher or in his SUV. Jordan, who called the footage “disturbing,” said that he asked the Justice Department to review the case.

“I will make this promise to you, we will achieve justice,” he said.

Shelby, who was hired in 2011, was placed on routine administrative leave with pay.

(Courtesy Photo)

Tiffany and Terence Crutcher (Courtesy Photo)

During a news conference Monday, a Crutcher family lawyer, Melvin C. Hall, said that Crutcher was only having problems with his SUV before he was shot to death. “They treated him like a criminal,” added a second lawyer, Benjamin Crump. “They treated him like a suspect. They did not treat him like somebody in distress who needed help. Instead of giving him a hand, they gave him bullets.”

Crutcher’s twin sister, Tiffany, described him as a brother and father who was enrolled in Tulsa Community College and loved singing at church.

And she criticized one of the officers in the chopper who can be heard telling a second officer aboard that Crutcher looks like “a big bad dude.”

That big bad dude — his life mattered,” she said.” [Source]

Of course his life matters, but when we remind people of that we are told that “all lives matter,” and that we shouldn’t just single out the Blacks ones.

Still, when you see what happened to Terence Crutcher, you have to wonder if some folks in law enforcement got the all lives matter memo.

And folks, if you are having a  Déjà vu  kind of feeling after reading this article, your instincts are not failing you.

“A jury found a sheriff’s deputy guilty of second-degree manslaughter Wednesday in the fatal shooting of an unarmed suspect.

Robert Bates, who was a volunteer reserve sheriff deputy for the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office last year at the time of the shooting, never denied shooting Eric Courtney Harris.
Bates, 74, said he meant to use his Taser stun gun, not his revolver, on the suspect, who had been tackled by other deputies and was being held on the ground.” [Source]
We will soon be getting that feeling again, because sadly, some lives still matter more than others. Even the lives of terrorists.

*Pic from rawstory.com

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