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Image result for black people gun imagesI am blogging tonight because I did not get shot today.

Yes Mr trump, I actually went out my front door, went off to work, and after a long day on the grind, came home without being shot.

Actually, the thought of being shot just walking down the street never crossed my mind until Donald mentioned it in his outreach speech to us Black folks. You know, the one he delivered as far away from Black people as possible.  

The thing is, a lot of Black people fear not only being shot walking down the street, but now, thanks to one of his  supporters ( I am sure he would have your vote if he wasn’t  in jail getting his ass kicked), we are afraid of being shot in church now as well. We are also afraid of being shot by the police who are supposed to be serving us, as well as someone who we would least expect to shoot us because they have a gun and don’t know how to properly use it. We can thank the NRA for that one.

the field negrobanner-2I listened to the speech, and something about it (besides the obvious racism and cluelessness) just didn’t sit right with me.  And then it hit me, Donald wasn’t talking to me, the Black person. He was talking about me to White people. That was the point of his faux outreach in the first place: to convince reasonable thinking White people that he is not  a raving lunatic, or a David Duke clone with more money.

I am sure that it might have worked with some people, but I am equally sure that most people (Black and White) saw right through it.

“I’m not part of the Clinton campaign. I’m a Black man in America and I know a bigot when I see a bigot and you are supporting a bigot and that makes you part of the bigotry that’s Donald Trump.”

That was New York Times columnist Charles Blow speaking to some house Negro last night on CNN.

He was speaking for me and millions of other Black people who are feeling the same thing.

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