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The presidential election as we all know takes place every four years. Billions of dollars come from all sources, local, nationwide, worldwide, illegal, legal and an untold number of sources who just invest in a potential future situation. There are those of us locally who delude themselves that they are playing a role in whom becomes the next president. These persons would serve the local communities well by working to reestablish our families, their own families, ensuring that we share in the rebuilding across Allegheny County.

This presidential race is the longest most drawn out campaign I can recall. I am not impressed by either one; in fact, it proves what I have maintained for a long period of time, “there is not a dime’s worth of difference between the candidates.”

It is the utmost importance that we, as citizens and voters, become knowledgeable about who we vote for, why we vote for them, and what contributions they have really and truly made that have improved our quality of life. Ask yourself do you really know those local politicians that you have been voting for? Have you ever met them? Have they been to your neighborhood and discussed what they have been doing to improve it? If not, why not?

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