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Mine, mine, mine.

When you were 2 years old, that was your favorite word. Everything you saw belonged to you, somehow, one way or another. If you liked it, it was yours. If you didn’t like it, it was yours, too. And as you’ll see in the new novel, “You’re the One I Want” by Shane Allison, some people never outgrow that.

Don’t think Bree didn’t notice that Deanthony was at Kashawn’s birthday party.

Some might think it natural that he would be—they were twins, after all, so Kashawn’s birthday was Deanthony’s birthday, too. But Bree didn’t think Deanthony would dare show his face after what happened. She surely hoped he wouldn’t tell anyone that they’d slept together, because Bree was married to Kashawn.

Why did she do it?  Bree didn’t have an answer to that. She loved Kashawn, that was for sure. He was a doctor, respected in their community and he was smoking-hot. He loved her, too, though he knew she had a shady past as a dancer at a local gentleman’s club. He treated Bree like a queen, so there was no reason for her to sleep with Kashawn’s brother, except that she couldn’t resist the way Deanthony looked at her.

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