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Image result for trump african american images“Trump polls 1-2% among Blacks. In ’64 Goldwater got 6% after voting no on the Civil Rights Act. In ’68 segregationist George Wallace won 3%.”

Larry Sabato posted the above little tidbit on twitter, and I have no reason to believe that it’s not true. This is because he happens to be a well respected pollster.

Those are pathetic numbers by any standard, his buddy David Duke would probably do better.

The thing is, though, given how trump has decided to kick off his African American outreach, this is not surprising. His idiotic monolithic view of African Americans is proof positive of just how out of touch he and his team is when it comes to Black people. (Someone please tell Donald that we are not in the seventies anymore. He needs to stop watching those cartoonish Black Blaxploitation flicks. “Imma get you sucker. You jive turkey”. )


Brianna Kielar over at CNN is quickly becoming my favorite journalist, because she has been calling out these frauds from the trump camp of late.

“It might not even be outreach to African-American voters,” Keilar said, noting that Trump’s appeals to Black voters have been delivered to “overwhelmingly white” crowds. “Why doesn’t he talk to an audience of Black voters or go to a community that is at least 10% African-American? He hasn’t been doing that,” Keilar said.
“If you were advising a candidate who is trying to, say, reach out to women, would you go to a room of men to deliver that message?” Keilar asked.
Spicer repeatedly refused to answer.” [Source]
Donald failed on so many levels with this so called African American “outreach”. The way he casually asked us “what we have to lose”. The way he implied that all of us live in poverty and that our lives are filled with one form of pathology after another.  The way he cavalierly and superciliously suggested that we are distinct and separate from other Americans was kind of scary to watch.
His white supremacist friends would be proud.
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