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Last week the New Pittsburgh Courier reported that police estimated between 500 and 700 Black youth were Downtown creating havoc.

No, Jay-Z, Nelly, Mariah Carey, Beyonce or some other big hip-hop star weren’t in town. No, they weren’t giving out free Nikes or Air Jordans. No, they weren’t even giving out free school supplies. School hasn’t even started yet. No…they were Downtown to fight and watch the fights. But how did they know where to go and when to go?

Social media––Facebook and Twitter. And this was not the first time. Can you imagine your kids being Downtown to shop or on other business as a large group of kids from another part of town decide to beat and stomp your kid? Or even watching your sweet, lovable Monique stomping another girl? Or you receiving a call that your child is in emergency as a result of a beating he or she took Downtown? Or that it’s going to cost you $500 or more to get Rashad out of jail for beating, kicking, stomping another youth Downtown?

Do these kids even know each other? Are they just bored over the summer and looking for some excitement?

These kids are very fortunate to have not lost an eye or some other serious injury because they aren’t just fighting with their hands. They had sticks, clubs and other weapons. So far no guns have been fired, but it’s just a matter of time because if you are being beat down by a gang and you have a gun, which so many of these youth have today, you are going to use it to get them off you.

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