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(GEORGE CURRY MEDIA)—Yet another “shocking” report, “The Ever Growing Gap,” came out last week. It was featured in mainstream newspapers, small hometown newspapers, and online newspapers. The ominous headline stated, “It will take Black families 228 years to earn the same amount of wealth White families have today.” Well, here’s another newsflash: “We already know that.”

While we have not counted the years it would take, we know that working for wealth equality is futile and merely serves as a deflection that causes Black people to spend our precious time on a quixotic mission.  E. Franklin Raines and Willie Herenton, former mayor of Memphis, Tenn., noted similar stats more than a decade ago.

Every so often revelations like this latest one come out to keep Black people mired in our current situation. The more drastic and terrible the information the more apathetic and pathetic we become. “What’s the use in trying?”  The man ain’t gonna let us do anything anyway.” Thus, we sit back and allow our “pleaders” to continue to beg for protection from political candidates, such as the national NAACP recently called on them to “pledge to protect and preserve our lives.”  Say what?  Is that the best we can get from our supposedly powerful civil rights organization? Oh yes, I forgot.  They also tell us to register and vote our way out of our misery.

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