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A 4-foot-by-12-foot #Black Lives Matter banner has hung over the main entrance of City Hall in Somerville, Massachusetts for a year.  The banner was hung by the mayor in collaboration with the Black Lives Matter chapter in Cambridge. (Somerville has no Black Lives Matter chapter.)

The deal struck probably had to do with a two-day protest in December 2014 when hundreds of college students marched through Somerville.

Students wanted justice after grand jury decisions did not indict two White police officers for the deaths of unarmed Black men in Missouri and New York.  Their mission was to “call attention to their battle cries of justice”.

The local news also reported, “Police were their escorts following the ‘soft approach’ to letting protesters air their grievances.”

I’ll speculate phase two of Somerville’s “soft approach” was to pacify the Cambridge organizers to prevent further activity passing through their jurisdiction.  So the mayor offered to support their mission so in the future they would stay in Cambridge.

But a week after the December 2014 Somerville demonstrations Black Lives Matter protesters in New York marched through the streets chanting, “What do we want?  Dead cops! When do we want them?  Now!”

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