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Image result for republican trump train imagesSomeone I respect, and who happens to be a regular reader of my blog, confronted me today and wanted to know why I was being so hard on Donald trump.

“You have been relentless in your criticism of this guy. I follow you on twitter and you are even harder on him over there.”

Guilty as charged. But I need folks to understand that my utter contempt for the man is not based on some type of ideological or political hatred. The truth is, if the republican nominee for president was say Jeb Bush, Jon HuntsmanJohn Thune, or John Kasich I might disagree with some of their policies, but I would not believe, as I do with trump, that they would be totally unfit to hold the office.

I am sorry, but as a person of color, red flags go up for me when I hear the head of the American Nazi party say that a trump victory would be an “opportunity for white nationalist“. Or, when black folks are openly called the n-word by trump supporters at his rallies, and when he tries to question  the legitimacy of the first African American president of color by questioning where he was born. When I consider all of these things, I question the sanity of African- American who would actually support the man.

But it’s not only me, well respected republicans are running away from the guy faster than Usain Bolt in Rio.  And the polls are starting to show that the rest of Americans are coming to their senses as well. Donald loves to talk about polls, but he is down double digits to Hillary in most polls and is tied with her in states like Georgia, which is a state that republicans have been winning since Jimmy Carter left office.

“Come on man, get on the Trump-train, there is room for everybody.”

I’ll pass. I got a glimpse of the operator, and I don’t like what I see.

*Pic from usatoday.com

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