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It has never ceased to amaze me how words can be twisted, let’s examine the following examples. Alleged conservatives governed all of the southern states. Blacks were denied access to jobs, housing, public accommodations, private and public recreation facilities, legal rights or justice, beatings and vast number of KKK chapters.

Alleged liberals governed the northern states and Blacks were denied public accommodations, jobs, public and private recreational facilities, skating rinks and dance halls. In my years that I attended Pittsburgh Public Schools I never saw a Black teacher, janitor or, cafeteria worker. The steel mills only permitted Blacks to work in certain positions. Blacks were compelled to file suit in federal court to be hired as Pittsburgh police. The first chapter of the KKK in western Pennsylvania was founded in Wilkinsburg, and the state of Pennsylvania had more KKK chapters than any southern state.

We are thereby compelled to question the difference between an alleged conservative and liberal.

We frequently describe churches as a big church or small church, but the bible does not describe churches as big or small. People can attend church every Sunday and would describe themselves as a Christian, but fail to live by God’s greatest commandment, so they are just church attendees.

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