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How many of you heard about or saw the video where the lady was killed by the tiger in China. It seems this car that had four people in it stopped because two of the occupants were arguing. The survivors say that was not true. Bottom line one of the females got out of the car and then her mother got out to save her and the tiger quickly attacked. The husband was not injured nor was the child who stayed in car. As my brother in law would say “smart move by you.” Was the argument that bad that she chose to get out into danger?

For the life of me I can’t understand why someone would want to go to a park like this. A park where the animals can come that close to the car. By the way it is called Wildlife World. I don’t understand, is this what people do for fun in this part of China? I watched the video a young lady gets out of the car on the passenger side and goes in front of the car to driver’s side and opens the door she must have heard the tiger coming up behind her. She turns around and the tiger attacks and drags her off. Her husband tries to go after her and her mother tries to rescue her and a jeep that looks like a park security vehicle pulls out from the bushes and the video ends.

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