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Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson’s declarations and actions inherently stands out as responsible for the perpetuation of the bigoted atmosphere that continues to affect the psyche of America.

Jefferson in some of his notations “believed that both black and white individuals, equally free, could not live under the same government.”

America prides itself on being on the path towards a just democracy that guarantees the rights of all, yet within White America, the genuine cries of Black People seem to be overlooked.

One Hundred and fifty years after slavery was legally ended and fifty years since segregation was outlawed, Jefferson’s racial declarations lives in the mind of some Whites, consciously and unconsciously allowing an embrace of racism of low expectations when it comes to persons of African-American heritage.

So the racial toxicity across America will always continue as long as racism is its original form from Jefferson’s declarations is held whole by those whose view America as a white democracy where non- Whites, Latinos and other likes remain a stain.

As long as the spirit of White supremacy governs the mindset of some Whites, Blacks see White America made up of humans who clearly and subconsciously believe that no one can rule any of them because of being a non- Black person.

Jefferson who once justified the continued existence of slavery, championed white prejudice and viewed blackness and freedom as irreconcilable leaves Blacks to see white America as practicing Jefferson’s racial declarations which include the view that blacks are incapable of being equal and full citizens.

Police brutality and unusual arrest of Blacks are not simply because they commit more crime but partly due to the cultural reality of institutional racism, racial profiling and a biased criminal justice system.

The legacy of racism from the periods of slavery and Jim crow America has marked the country with divisive imprints on the minds of some White people and Blacks, resulting in each group not appearing to value each other in terms of equality.

Jefferson’ s declarations have centuries later, led to the necessity for the campaign of “Black Lives Matter” because within Jeffersonian institutional principles of Wzzhiteness “all lives matter” in America except the lives of persons of African-American background.

Certainly no one can blame Jefferson for all the social challenges by Blacks in  America but what is clear is that as long as Blacks believe that there is unevenness in their civil rights status there will be lingering vexation. Which will leave many Blacks in a state of human insecurity.

As such some Blacks sought out negative sources of validation as in drugs, sex, and crime related behaviors to cope with life in racial America.

From the angle of Jeffersonian declarations, Black dignity is extraordinarily difficult to achieve in a country where nonwhites are constantly being reminded they don’t have equal freedom.

Whites and Blacks and other Americans should blame the historical race divide on the founding fathers Jefferson especially, due to hundreds of years of the raw prejudice and the reality that both blacks and white people have become victims of America’s legacy of racial anxiety.

For all of us, unfortunately, we are again faced with racial tension resulting in the senseless death of five police officers in Dallas, Texas in the midst of a peaceful civil rights demonstration. We are also faced with the reported acts of police violence on Black men like Philando Castile in St. Paul, Minnesota and Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

In the words of President Barack Obama, America’s first Black president let all of us move beyond the founding fathers’ spirit of racial legacy and work towards a united America in order to deconstruct Jefferson’s heritage of racial inequalities and racialized democracy.

Dr. John Egbeazien  Oshodi, Miami, Florida. jos5930458@aol.com (He is an author and Psychologist. One of his books “A Glance at American Presidents in Black Life: George Washington to George W. Bush, A to Z” is available for order on www. orders@rowman.com)

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