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The U.S. Senate last week voted down four gun measures. Even after the slaughter of 49 people in an Orlando nightclub by a crazed gunman recently, our members couldn’t agree on anything.

And where was Pennsylvania’s Republican Senator Pat Toomey? Firmly on the side of the all-powerful National Rifle Association, or course.

Here’s what our senators, hugely along party lines, voted down earlier this week:

A proposal to require states to update background checks to include additional information on the gun purchasers’ mental health records and to alert law enforcement to gun purchase efforts by individuals who have appeared on the government terror watch list in the last five years.

A proposal to expand the background check system to include gun shows and online purchases.

A Democratic proposal to deny gun sales to people on the terror watch list.

A Republican proposal to delay gun sales to people on the government terror watch list, but giving prosecutors just 72 hours to prove the purchaser is a terror threat.

Polls say a huge the majority of Americans indicate support for a number of common-sense gun measures. Yet even when the limitations of our current laws regularly prove inadequate for the individual and mass killings that continually occur in locations throughout the nation, our leaders casually thumb their nose at our wishes on gun control.

They don’t hear that we’ve had enough already.

Immediately after the Orlando shooting, Toomey had indicated some support for improved gun laws. Saying, “Sen. Toomey knows we could be doing more to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them,” spokeswoman E.R. Anderson, in an email to a newspaper writer, suggested he may finally view our safety as a bigger priority than partisan unity and fierce NRA loyalty. We were wrong.

“But Sen. Toomey also knows that stopping terrorist attacks on American soil is about much more. It’s about stopping the spread of violent Islamist extremism,” the spokeswoman had written.

Well, perhaps we shouldn’t sell them assault weapons, Senator.

Sen. Toomey’s Democratic challenger, Katie McGinty, called Toomey’s actions “long on rhetoric but short on action.”

Indeed, when it comes to doing whatever is necessary to protect innocent citizens from all the ways in which they’re vulnerable to a terror attack, a number of politicians should just stop talking.

Reprinted from the Philadelphia Tribune



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