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It was supposed to be the year of the Golden State Warriors. They were the defending champion, they had just completed a sparkling 73-9 record setting season. So all they had to do was walk through the NBA finals and they would be hailed as the greatest team ever assembled. But LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers said no.

LeBron returned home from the Miami Heat where he was coming off two consecutive NBA championships to bring his hometown a championship.

Upon arriving in Cleveland he found an average team and a coach who had never played or coached in the NBA and teammates who had never won anything. All this he almost turned around last season but key injuries to Kevin Young and Kyrie Irving led to a Golden State victory in the finals 4-2.

For some strange reason as the Cavs struggled during the first part of the season with their coach and players trying to find their chemistry together everyone was crowning the Warriors as the greatest team ever and many even believed Steph Curry was the best player in the league. Yes, better than LeBron James. Wow.

So while Golden State was piling up victories during the regular season the Cavs were preparing for the playoffs.

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