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Recently the Pittsburgh Public School Board selected Anthony Hamlet as its next Superintendent. He was to start July 1 but then all hell broke loose.

There are allegations that he falsified his resume, and that he never accomplished a lot of the things he said he did. So in response to these allegations the school board is conducting an investigation to find out the truth. Well last week a group of Black leaders and A+ Schools held a press conference and sent out a statement asking the school board to dump Hamlet, and start all over again.

The Black leaders were: Tim Stevens, Esther Bush, Rick Adams and Sala Udin.

They are basically saying that our schools and community are in a crisis and can’t afford to wait on an investigation which may linger on for months, eating up time that should be used by the new superintendent to put in place programs which will help narrow the racial gap in GPA scores, reduce the Black dropout rate, while increasing the percentage of Blacks, especially Black males, attending community colleges, trade schools, or four year schools. Bottom line more Blacks being accepted into the middle and upper level of the job market.

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