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ALI IN PITTSBURGH–Bill Neal talking on the dais to Muhammad Ali at the Champions Awards Dinner. “I had the pleasure and honor of bringing “The Greatest” to Pittsburgh in 1979. If you were at Judy’s Banquet Hall, you were there.”

“This is the legend of Cassius Clay, the baddest man in the world today.” “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. The hands can’t hit what the eyes can’t see.” “They all must fall in the round I call.” “I shook up the world… I must be a bad man… I am the greatest!” Just some of the thousands of quotes from the Greatest of All Time.

Where Only the Truth Matters

Here’s what he said that really shook up the world, top ten style:

•    “Why should I go clear ‘round the world to kill other brown people? My enemy is right here.”

•    “I threw my gold medal in the river because I came home from representing my country in the Olympics and I was still not allowed to eat in a ‘White’s Only’ restaurant.”

•    “Before I go to Vietnam I am prepared to go to jail or die!” (Lighting the Olympic torch – no problem!)

•    “George Foreman knows he can’t whoop me; he knows it, and I know it. Fighters know fighters and George knows he can’t win. He’s never been past four rounds and he’s slow. I will knock George Foreman out!”

•    “There’s gonna be a thrilla in Manilla with the gorilla!”

•    “When I fought Joe Frazier I was prepared to die in the ring if I had to.”

•    “What we gonna do champ? We gonna win Bundini, we gonna win!” “How we gonna do it, Champ?” “We gonna rumble, young man, rumble!”

•    “Sonny Listen can’t be champ. He’s too ugly.”

•    “What’s my name, sucker? You will call me by my name; my name is Muhammad Ali. What’s my name, sucker? I bet you’ll call me by my name now. Get up, sucker!”

•    “I am the Greatest!”

Rest in peace, champ. There was none greater before you and there will be none greater after you.

<You have just crossed the finish line.>

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