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It’s time for the resurgence of the girl group and Mathew Knowles is leading the charge.

“When Destiny’s Child got into the music business in the mid ‘90s, there were at least 15 girl groups that were out,” explained Knowles, Music World Music founder and founder, president and CEO of Music World Entertainment. “I wasn’t looking to start another girl group but when I went to an open-mike night and heard the group and they got my attention.”

Knowles’ new female trio, BLUSHHH Music (which stands for beauty lives under stone hearts. The three h’s represent the three members of the group—rappers Sunni and Bunni Ray and vocalist Tali) is a harmonically blended hip-hop and R & B trio established in 2013 is reminiscent of the ’90s hip-hop era with a trendy twist. Their debut single “Old School Back” will introduce the ladies’ first album “Old School Hip-Hop Past, Present and Future.”

“We wanted to be something new and fresh to the music business melody and singing goes a long way people look for a hook they really want to hear that,” explained Tali, a Houston native who incorporates her Colombian roots into her lyrics with prowess.

To prepare BLUSHHH Music for the entertainment business, Knowles enrolled the girls in the same boot camp that he used to groom super group Destiny’s Child (Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams) which not only grooms style and appeal but also the inner growth of artists as well as each individual’s personal growth.

Knowles had the girls in boot camp for two years to make them more polished and light years ahead of any other group coming onto the musical landscape. BLUSHHH Music learned team building, how to function as a group and how to connect with the audience.

“The boot camp is grueling. We rehearse five days a week and we perform shows on the weekends. Mr. Knowles is making sure our bind is there and that we are solid. That’s what you need if you want longevity in this business,” said Sunni, a Woodland Hills California native who moved to Houston at the age of six and quickly found a passion penning rhymes and poetry being influenced by MC Lyte, Lauryn Hill and Tupac.

“We have a 99 percent failure rate in the music business but two rappers and a vocalist has never been done before,” Knowles said. “The sound is different and the imaging is different than Destiny’s Child. I’ve had success in gospel with Trinity 5:7, I’ve had success with pop and R & B and Destiny’s Child,” he said.

Destiny’s Child was named the Best Female of All Time in popular music, selling over 100 million records and collecting nearly 200 awards including GRAMMY awards, American Music Awards, MTV Awards and more. Under Knowles’ watchful eye, Destiny’s Child achieved spectacular success between 2000-2012.

Music World Music has had an unprecedented on the history of music around the globe with record sales exceeding 300 million worldwide. Knowles established several recording imprints under Music World Music including 2012 No.1 independent gospel label, Music World Country/Compadre and Music World Kids. Music World Music was crowned by Billboard Magazine  as one of the top imprint labels of the decade(2000-2009)

To perfect their craft, Knowles has them performing in various southern cities including Houston, Miami and Atlanta. Although BLUSHHH has no plans to come to Pittsburgh, Knowles is planning a New York performance for the girls in the near future.

“We love to entertain and we all love to perform. Nothing else can give you that high like performing does,” said Houston native Bunni Ray who synchronizes her fast rhymes with a sassy swagger.

If you can’t make it to the Big Apple to see BLUSHHH Music, don’t despair. Knowles is documenting the trio’s journey for a reality TV format, allowing the public to witness the girls’ evolution as they adjust and to the trials and tribulations of the music industry. The show will also give viewers the chance to see Knowles’ proven formula for success.

The show will also highlight some of the obstacles that each member had to overcome like near homelessness, emotional and relationship pressures, to controversy over one member’s open bisexuality.

“With our music, each one of us have sacrificed a lot to be together,” said Tali. “We want people to know that they can feel accepted for who they are and can chase whatever dream is in their heart.”

(To learn more about BLUSHH Music visit: blushhhmusic.com or musicworldent.com  or check them out on facebook at facebook.com/BlushhhRush twitter: blushhhmusic Instagram: blushmusic, Tumbler: blushhhmusic.)


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