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Bill Neal

Bill Neal

:10—For all of you animal loving people out there not working with the DNA that separates us from the gorilla, please be advised that when it comes to human life or animal life, human life wins every time. They had no choice but to kill the animal.  A tranquilizer would have only upset the animal further and do possible damage to the child, and it was a 400 lb. gorilla, not a trained chimpanzee from the circus.  That being said, now that the child is safe, I will offer this, you can hear the mother in the video screaming to be calm, I love you, but at no time did the mother or anyone else jump to the child’s safety! I’m just saying.

:09—If I was anymore wrong, I’d be Donald Trump! Good Lord. No “Heat” upset.  No “Toronto” upset. No “Spurs” upset. The only thing upset is me.

:08—That being said, OKC will fall to Golden State in a desperate, but futile effort ’cause the world wants a GSW/Cavs rematch.

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