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There is a serious almost “Godless” dilemma in regards to what lengths that many of our young athletes will go to in order to be recognized and successful.  Many of our youth, and I look at all of them as “our” youth, are seriously affected and are suffering not from the Zika virus, but have been infected with the bacteria from the “me” germ.

There are no probiotic’s available to help prevent an infection from the virus of “me” and there is no known antibiotic to treat an individual after they have contracted the “me” virus.

According to an anthropology study conducted by Dr. Vinnie Boom- Boom, ancient graves that have been excavated and dated contained samples of individuals that may have perished from the “me” virus that go, way, way,  waaaaaay…back.  However, due to a lack of space, please indulge me if certain athletes profiled here or a few that may have been infected by the “me” virus in the past, don’t make the cut.

One of the sure signs that an individual has contracted the “me” virus is an electrified, almost deified uncontrollable libido.

Let’s begin with 10 recipients’ of “Baby Mama” lifetime achievement awards. I’m going to work my way up from the bottom of the list to numero uno.  10. Vladimir Guerrero, former MLB player, Montreal Expos-(8 Kids and 5 Mamas).  9. Muhammad Ali–Former professional boxer. (9 Kids and 5 Mamas).  8. Antonio Cromartie – NFL defensive back (12 Kids and 9 Mamas).   7. Evander Holyfield–Former professional boxer (11 Kids and 8 Mamas).  6. Shawn Kemp –NBA (7 Kids and 6 Mamas).  5. Willie Anderson–Former San Antonio Spurs Player, (9 Kids And 7 Mamas).  4. Willis McGahee–NFL (9 Kids and 8 Mamas).  3. Jason Caffey NBA (10 Kids and 8 Mamas).  2. Travis Henry–NFL (11 Kids and 10 Mamas).  1. Calvin Murphy–NBA Legend, (14 Kids and 9 Mamas).

Whew, check out the Richard Pryor story about when his monkey escaped and proceeded to go and have sex. Check out the condition of the monkey when it returns home.  You’ll be amused and surprised at the ending.

There are many other examples of “libidos gone wild” but hey, what’s the use: morality like religion has to be practiced on an individual basis. By the way, a man is not an amoeba.  A child cannot be “manufactured” by just the insertion of sperm from a willing male. In many of these cases, “Baby Mamas’” have a significant role to play in the creation of many of these “illegitimate” children.  A few of them are enamored with the fame and fortune of these affluent “sperm donors” and often theorize that being impregnated by a man with a future, may help insure their future as well as the future of the child.

From out of the control drug use, to the illegal ingestion of performance enhancing drugs, (PED’s) many of these athletes evolved from zeros, to hero’s, and dissolved back to zeros, often not in years but sometimes in months or even mere days.

There is and has been for decades a selfishness combined with stupidity and immorality that has been accepted in the sports world, especially among Black athletes and Black communities and it needs to be addressed and remedied, now.

Don’t be surprised if when you are forced to take a trip to your local emergency room that you may be forced to wait a bit longer to be seen because the healthcare provider that you are seeking services from, may be experiencing an epidemic of “me.” (The source for this story was www.therichest.com)


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