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Tanya Nepal

Tanya Nepal

‘Crazy Quilt is a fast paced realism program highlighting unstitched embellishments of random Urbanities pieced together in visual patchworks of life in and around Pittsburgh. Tanya Nepal is the hostess and executive producer of “Crazy Quilt.”  “Crazy Quilt” is a docu-short program featuring business and entertainment stories originating from Pittsburgh and regional neighborhoods.’

“Crazy Quilt” is not just a clever name, it is a design revolution.  Necessity driven Agrarian life, created patch works of worn out materials, stitched together with batting (an inner layer of material for warmth.

This accidental combo of mundane colonial life, morphed into its own genre of art. Various cultural and economic influences formed artistic norms of Vivacity and grandeur. Victorian Women fashioned quilts with fancy fabrics and intricate embroidery.

Early 1880 are to 1920’s revived Crazy Quilting as a decadent assortment of exotic decorum from the Far East. . Elaborate redesigns no stitching or inner batting needed. Respectful activities for ladies of leisure included creating Vibrant Crazy Quilts incorporating newfound Japanese fabrics and color schemes.

Almost there, thumbing thru Sirius longing for a vibrant tune that could keep me awake. I make it in record time, 12 hours with five to spare.  Although being the longest distance having driven solo, I enter into Allegheny county limits.

Dark and still, three am never seemed so peaceful.  I wind my way thru the mountains finally making my way to the highway.  I thrust into the 376 and head thru the Fort Pitt Tunnel. All of the Lights, a Jay Z summer tune, drowns out my engine’s roar as I drive thru the tunnel emerging onto a bridge.

All those lights!  My eyes never experiencing such an entrance into, what looked like a postmodern city.  I meandered narrow roads, my gps was no help.  Bridge after bridge, loopin around hopelessly as I look for a restroom and food.  Eventually ending up on Carson Street, don’t ask, I still don’t know how I got there. It was quiet and I spied an odd site, Burger King.

By, now daylight was approaching.  I waited patiently for Whopper Land to turn the key, I noticed this street was different.  It reminded me of Ybor City, located in Tampa Florida, having previously drove through the day my journey began.

Little did I know I would be back on Carson St., working, eating and playing, but, that’s my story of my introduction to Southside, PA. That will have to be saved for another day.

Thriving, proceeding west on Carson Street beginning at the Birmingham Bridge awaits a historic river town, of course, this nerd, dug into Southside’s History.  Named after a sea captain, Carson St. sits on the banks of the Monongahela River. Although you can’t see the river, for much of the stretch in the area known as Southside.

Glass working factories date back to the 1790’s. Wow, that is old!  You’re lucky if you see anything dating back to the 1920’s, back home in Florida. They made over half of the nation’s glass, incredible.  That’s crazy!

In a city that is known for reinventing itself, Pittsburgh is much like a Living Crazy Quilt.

Urban Life is not ordinary, uniformed. Symmetric only in Crazy.  Quilting together the life and experiences of Real People in Real Time. Urban Pulse Network’s Crazy Quilts is not Reality T.V. Programming is Unstitched, yet woven together, combining Realism that embroiders the quilt, with the colorful “embellished lives of People, places and things.

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