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The Pennsylvania Primary has come and gone with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump pretty much sewing up their nominations on both the Republican and Democratic side winning handily so the only thing left now is who the Vice Presidential selections will be.

On the Republican side Trump had a clean sweep winning all five states including Pennsylvania, handily, and Clinton won four of the five states.

The breakdown on the Democratic side was: Pennsylvania; Clinton 56 percent to Sanders, 44; Maryland, Clinton 63 to Sanders 33; Rhode Island, Sanders 55 to Clinton 43; Delaware, Clinton 60 to Sanders 39; and Connecticut, Clinton 52 to Sanders 46.

The breakdown on the Republican side was: Pennsylvania: Trump 57, Cruz 22, Kasich 19; Maryland: Trump 54, Cruz 19; Kasich, 23; Rhode Island: Trump 64, Cruz 10, Kasich 24; Delaware: Trump 61, Cruz 20, Kasich 16; Connecticut: Trump 58, Cruz 12, Kasich 28.

Which basically says that Clinton and Trump are the presidential nominees like it or not. The people have spoken. Yes…I know there’s a bunch of other states still left but they are the gravy.

Way back when there were 15 GOP candidates the media and so-called political experts kept saying that Trump had a solid 38 percent of the votes but as people dropped out their votes would go to every other candidate left except Trump. I always wondered and still wonder where in the world they got this? I’m talking about people with some of the top newspapers, television networks, radio talk shows, and magazines throughout this country. They are supposed to know everything.

I thought this kind of thinking was crazy, but who am I? Common sense would say that Trump was going to get his share of the voters of these failed candidates and as he won more and more states more people were going to jump on his bandwagon.

And they have. He killed in these five states getting more votes than Cruz and Kasich combined. Look at these numbers again, 57, 54, 64, 58 and 61 percent. He would have to fall flat on his face in the remaining states to lose the nomination. His numbers are going to be very similar, if not better in the remaining states. Why Cruz and Kasich remain in the race is a mystery to me.

Now the Democratic race is a different story. Bernie is in the race to make sure that his ideals and views are part of the Democratic platform. Free and better healthcare for all, free and better education for all, and pulling the big money out of politics. Right now the billionaires own our elected officials on both sides of the aisle. And apparently there’s a large portion of the population on the Democratic side who believe he’s right because he has consistently collected around 40 percent of the vote vs. Hillary. This will probably be his numbers for the remainder of the race until the Democrats meet in Philly to select a presidential candidate. That person will be Hillary Clinton, but hopefully the Vice President will be Bernie Sanders. I think this would bring out more young voters for Bernie as well as the older voters for Hillary.

The Dems are going to need a big turnout to beat Trump because most of the polls, and reports showed a higher turnout among Republicans than Democrats. Contrary to popular beliefs, and media reports, the general public who vote Republican are very hot on Trump, and they are getting out the vote. And if the Dems sit back and listen to the media that keep saying Trump can’t win a general election without Blacks, Latinos, and women, will be in total shock as President Donald Trump is being sworn in.

So if we don’t want President Donald Trump we had better get out and vote as well as getting out the vote because the Republicans are sick and tired of the “Do Nothing Congress” we have now and they are about doing something about it. And that doesn’t mean voting Democrat.

The U.S. Senate race in Pennsylvania was also interesting. Katie McGinty beat out Joe Sestak in a very close race. With the endorsements of President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and U.S. Senator Bob Casey, she was able to pull ahead of Sestak collecting 42 percent of the votes to his 32 percent.

Braddock Mayor John Fetterman picked up a surprising 20 percent of the votes. Many feel Sestak is being punished for running against Sen. Arlen Specter in 2010 and then losing to Pat Toomey. Most believe that Specter would have beaten Toomey. Hopefully McGinty can defeat Toomey in an effort to win the U.S. Senate back for the Democrats.

She would be Pennsylvania’s first female U.S. Senator.

It looks like Chris Christie, New Jersey governor, is the leading candidate for Vice President on the Republican side.

A Shout Out goes out to Jay Donaldson, founder of P.R.O.M.I.S.E., an anti-violence organization on the North Side and its efforts to stop the street violence throughout the Pittsburgh community. Continue the good work.

(Ulish Carter is the managing editor of the New Pittsburgh Courier.)



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