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Bill Neal

Bill Neal

  • Hey America . . . Be careful what you wish for . . . you just might get it.  Remember they thought “Hitler” would pass too!!!


  • “Now Let’s Play Pool Fatman”!  (Paul Newman to Jackie Gleason in the legendary classic “The Hustler”.


#1 Yes, I had the Heat shaking up the world and beating the Cav’s and winning the East, but without “Bosh” it won’t be easy.  But I am not like Kevin Cameron,  jumping ship when the odds are against me.  I’ll keep the Heat to lose to the Spurs for the title.


#2 Brad Daugherty, the former “Tar Heel” and “Cavalier” disagreed with Charles Barkley when he said that someone on the Atlanta Hawks team should have “taken out” someone on the Cav’s team to stop that record setting bombardment of 3’s LeBron and the boys was raining down on them.  Well of course he would disagree, considering he was the softest footer to play center since the Jolly Green Giant.  Shut-up Brad and take your wanna be country behind back to Nascar.


#3Your Pens will beat the Caps and advance as I told ya they would.  And hear this, they will win the Cup too.


#4Speaking of Kevin Cameron, he keeps getting on me because I don’t talk about Aliquippa and their great sports teams and tradition . . . Blah – Blah – Blah!  Ok, I just did now.  Maybe you’ll get off my back.  Huh?


#5The Pirate problems are fixable.  First, like I’ve been telling ya since they left spring training, they need “another ace” and a for real shut down closer.  Secondly, less field mistakes and lastly and most important, don’t play the Cubs anymore!  I’m just sayin!


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