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James Gibbs, Co-founder & President, Meter Feeder

James Gibbs, Co-founder & President, Meter Feeder

Homestead, PA — On Wednesday May 1, 2016 Homestead Borough, located Southeast of Pittsburgh, PA fully integrated the Meter Feeder parking app for their residents and business partners. The Meter Feeder app is currently fully operational and being used by residents, commuters, and visitors and gaining popularity with users for its ease and versatility.

Forgot quarters for parking when visiting the Homestead Business District? Meter Feeder is here to help. In addition to parking with quarters at stand-alone meters, the Meter Feeder app is free to download for both Apple and Android phones and devices. In minutes, the app is fully operational for parking customers and stores vehicle and payment information for future use at any of the Meter Feeder operated parking lots and streets.

Enforcement has never been easier as the Meter Feeder companion app Meter Reader offers borough parking officers easy-to-use tools to view parking related violations and issue tickets. Any payments made through the app for parking are readily available for the officers to see and when parking time is about to expire a push notification is sent to the parking customer’s phone to add more time or move their vehicle. If a ticket is issued, the customer can also pay by scanning the unique QR code located at the bottom of the ticket with their Meter Feeder app, preventing accrual of additional fees for non-payment. Credit card payments for parking tickets are also accepted via the Meter Feeder website at http://www.meterfeeder.com.

In addition to Meter Feeder parking app, Homestead Borough will continue to accept conventional payments for their meters and tickets issued, to ensure all residents and visitors have multiple options. The historic Homestead Borough and their growing business district is keeping up with traditions but also becoming more progressive by incorporating technologically advanced solutions aligning them with other cities, municipalities, and boroughs.

Borough Council President Lloyd D. Cunningham said, “Homestead has a very rich history and we want to keep our heritage, but also we need to keep moving forward with the times. Offering an app-based parking solution is just another step. When we keep up with evolving technologies, we are able to better serve our citizens.” Meter Feeder is also working with Borough officials to incorporate permit parking for their residents.

As a locally-based tech company, Meter Feeder is offering parking and enforcement solutions for cities, municipalities, and boroughs. Currently, they offer services at neighboring Dormont, Brentwood, and Carnegie areas and is working diligently to provide user-friendly services to growing parking initiatives both locally and nationwide.

Meter Feeder is an award-winning parking management and enforcement platform, based in Braddock, PA. Meter Feeder entered into the $25 billion parking market, with the goal of disrupting the archaic parking systems by providing very simple, very easy parking tools for any size municipality. As a technology first company, Meter Feeder focuses on usability and efficiency and taking a new approach to solving the existing parking issues and presenting new ways to introduce smart parking solutions. Learn more at http://www.meterfeeder.com

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